About Us

CST Composites, or ‘Composite Spars and Tubes’ as it was originally known, was founded in 1995. From its inception the company has focused on the design and manufacture of cost effective, yet high quality, filament wound tubing to service marine, industrial and high-tech markets.

The strength of CST lies with its unique filament winding technology which has been developed and evolved since day one. Today the company runs three filament winding machines and three pultrusion machines giving a production capacity capability of more than 20 tonnes of composite per year. CST is the largest user of carbon tow in Australia and New Zealand. Our products are exported worldwide with significant markets in Europe, USA, China and Asia.

All CST Composites profiles and tubing is manufactured at our high-tech facility in Kurnell, Sydney, Australia. With over 1200sqm of floor space our factory houses a wide range of specialist machines and tools used for the fabrication of composite sections.

In the early days activities were focused in the marine market where CST worked closely with development classes such as the 18’ skiffs to produce carbon spars that were strong, responsive, light and reliable. Since then the company has grown consistently year upon year, broadening its applications into the industrial and high tech sectors. Now the company employs 25+ staff and has supplied 2000 spars and over 22,000 tubes.

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